Logging In Using Two-Factor Authentication

One of the recommended methods to log in to the website is to use two-factor authentication.

Where? Click on the LOGIN button on the top right corner of the website.

In order to use two-factor authentication you need a 2FA app installed on your smart device.

Step 1: Select two-factor authentication

Go to Log In page and choose Two-factor authentication.

If you have already set up the two-factor authentication, proceed to step 7. Otherwise you need to take a few extra steps to set up the authentication once for use with the conventions website.

Step 2: Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Note: Steps 2 to 6 must be taken only once during the initial setup.

Type your personal email address (you must not use an address that is shared among several users) and click OK.

The system sends you an email with a link to set up a two-factor authentication for the conventions website.

Step 3: Check your emails

Look for the email sent by International Conventions. If you cannot find it please check the spam folder.

Step 4: Click on the link

The automatic email sent by International Conventions contains a link to activate your two-factor authentication for the conventions website. Click on that link. This will show up a page with a QR code.

Step 5: Open up a 2FA app

On your smart device open up a two-factor authentication app. If you don't have one yet, you need to install it first.

Step 6: Scan the QR-code

Using a two-factor authentication app scan the QR-code shown on the screen.

This will create a token which will be used later every time you sign in using two-factor authentication.

Step 7: Enter the code provided by the 2FA app

Look for the 6-digit code given by the 2FA app. Enter the code to the field on the login page.

Note: The code is valid only for 30 seconds. If you miss it, that code will expire and the app will provide another code for another 30 seconds. It will continue to repeat that until you have successfully logged in to the website.

When you have successfully entered the 6-digit code the website logs you in automatically.

Now you are safe to close the 2FA app on a smart device.

Other ways to log in