Logging In Using Security Providers

One of the recommended methods to log in to the website is to use a security provider such as Google, Microsoft or LinkedIn.

Where? Click on the LOGIN button on the top right corner of the website.

At the top of the page, a list of the available security providers is displayed.

Each delegate should log in using the same email address that he or she has specified earlier on the delegate application form. This will determine which of the providers he or she should choose.

For example: If a delegate had specified the email address john_delegate@gmail.com, he should now select the Google link. This will redirect him to a login page, requiring him to login with his Gmail account. The Google security provider will authenticate him, and redirect him back to the private section of the Special Conventions website.

In this way, no passwords or other secure information from users have to be stored in the website. A user can only be identified, if he or she uses a known email address to log in.

Other ways to log in