Logging In Using Password

An alternate method to log in to the website is to use password authentication.

Where? Click on the LOGIN button on the top right corner of the website.

If a user has no way of using other authentication methods, the website offers the possibility to request a personal password. When the user clicks on this option, they will have to enter an email address. Again, every delegate should use the same email address that he or she has specified earlier on the delegate application form.

A password will be sent by email, and should be confirmed at the website for correct authentication. If a user did not receive an email, or forgot the password, he or she can try the Resend my password option. If the problem persists, the Hospitality Committee can contact the Website Support team for assistance.

NOTE: Although volunteers can log in and fill in their applications with all login methods, only the ones who had logged in with service providers or two-factor authentication can later be given access to delegate data as a security requirement. So all volunteers should be encouraged to use either service providers or two-factor authentication instead of using password authentication.

Other ways to log in