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Searches for inflectional forms of the word foot.

Inflectional forms of English foot include feet, foot, feet's, foot's, footed, footing, and foots.

Inflectional forms of French grand include grand, grands, grandes, and grande.


Searches for the word foot without generating inflectional forms.

special convention

special AND convention

Searches for documents containing inflectional forms of the words special and convention. The keyword AND is optional.

The AND operator takes precedence over the OR operator in queries. You can change the operator precedence by using parentheses. For example, the query special convention OR assembly is evaluated as (special AND convention) OR assembly. You can change the order with parentheses so that the OR is evaluated first, like this: special (convention OR assembly).

special OR convention

Searched for documents containing inflectional forms of the words special or convention.

You can use the & symbol for the AND operator and the | symbol for the OR operator in queries.

"special convention"

Performs a phrase search for phrase "special convention".

special -convention

Searches for documents containing inflectional forms of the word special but not the word convention.


Searches for words that begin with the prefix convent.

[special convention]

Searches for documents that contain the words special in close proximity to the word convention.

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Help/Public/Knowledge Base/Getting Help_CD8/using the login feature (Public)
en To login, click on the Login menu option. The website suggests using online service providers to authenticate users. Another possibility is using password authentication. It is important to understand the basics of this Login method. Questions from delegates will frequently be related to this step.

Using Security Providers

At the top of the page, a list of the available security providers is displayed.

Each delegate should log in using the same email address that he or she has specified earlier on the delegate application form. This will determine which of the providers he or she should choose.

For example: If a delegate had specified the email address

john_delegate@gmail.com, he should now select the Google link. This will redirect him

to a login page, requiring him to login with his Gmail account. The Google security

provider will authenticate him, and redirect him back to the private section of the

Special Conventions website.

In this way, no passwords or other secure information from users have to be stored in the website. A user can only be identified, if he or she uses a known email address to log in.

Using Password Authentication

If a user has no way of using an online service provider, the website offers the possibility to request a personal password. When the user clicks on this option, they will have to enter an email address. Again, every delegate should use the same email address that he or she has specified earlier on the delegate application form.

A password will be sent by email, and should be confirmed at the website for correct authentication. If a user did not receive an email, or forgot the password, he or she can try the Resend my password option. If the problem persists, the hospitality committee can contact the Website Support team for assistance.

Logging in as a Delegate

When a user has successfully logged in, they can choose whether to identify as a Delegate or a Local Publisher that will be volunteering for the convention.

To complete the authentication process of the delegate, he or she must enter the Group ID that was assigned. Delegates are encouraged to ask their congregation secretary for assistance.

Logging in as a Local Publisher

To complete the authentication process, the local publisher volunteering for your convention, should select the host convention city from the available list.

After that, he or she will select the congregation that he or she is in. Two contact persons from this congregation (usually the coordinating overseer and the congregation secretary) are notified by email, and will have to confirm the identity, and approve the application before it is sent to the hospitality committee.

NOTE: Although volunteers can log in and fill in their applications with all login methods, only the ones who had logged in with service providers can later be given access to delegate data as a security requirement. So please encourage

volunteers to use Service providers instead of using Password Authentication.