Logging In

To log in to the JW Event website, click on the LOGIN menu link. Use any of the following authentication methods:

Logging In as a Delegate

When a user has successfully logged in, they can choose whether to identify as a Delegate or a Local Publisher that will be volunteering for the convention.

To complete the authentication process of the delegate, he or she must enter the Group ID that was assigned. Delegates are encouraged to ask their congregation secretary for assistance.

Logging In as a Local Publisher

To complete the authentication process, the local publisher volunteering for your convention, should select the host convention city from the available list.

NOTE: Although volunteers can log in and fill in their applications with all login methods, only the ones who had logged in with service providers or two-factor authentication can later be given access to delegate data as a security requirement. So all volunteers should be encouraged to use either service providers or two-factor authentication instead of using password authentication.